Functional Integration

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Functional integration successfully entered physics as path integrals in the 1942 Ph. Functional Integration PDF EBookD. dissertation of Richard P. Feynman, but it made no sense at all as a mathematical definition. Cartier and DeWitt- PDFMorette have created, in this book, a fresh approach to functional integration. The book is self-contained: mathematical ideas are introduced, developed, generalised and applied. In the authors' hands, functional integration is shown to be a robust, user-friendly and multi-purpose tool that can be applied to a great variety of situations, for example: systems of indistinguishable particles; download; Aharonov Bohm systems; supersymmetry; non-gaussian integrals. Problems in quantum field theory are also considered. In the final part the authors outline topics that can be profitably pursued using material already presented." Like this book? Read online this: Topics in Functional Analysis 1980-81, Functional Analysis.

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