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James Reasoner recently did a post on his blog about this TV series. Garrison's Gorillas PDF EBook He mentioned, and posted the covers, of a couple of tie- PDFin novels. The Whitman I knew of and owned. This one published by Dell in 1967 was new to me. I had to jump on it. It was inspired by the movie THE DIRTY DOZEN and , in fact had an ad in the back for the novel of that film.

Lt. Craig Garrison is in charge of four men gotten from solitary and given a chance to wipe the slate clean. Serve out the war and aid in defeating Germany and they would be free men if they survived.

Four Gorillas:

Casino, an expert in explosives and safe cracking.

Actor, a con man with an eye for the ladies.

Goniff, a skilled pickpocket.

Chief, an Apache skilled with a blade and not averse in using it.

They called garrison The Warden.

Their mission was two-fold. Germany had developed a jet engine and was building a new Messerschmidt fleet. The Gorillas were sent in to find the assembly plant, tagging it when he bomber fleet flew over. Second, they were to locate where they were being stored for a second wave.

Both were fairly easy to do. Then complications set in and the team has to take on the kob of destroying a whole fleet of jet fighters.

I got the impression this novel was written from the show "bible" before filming was actually done. It has been a good many years since I saw the show, but I don't remember it being quite as bloodthirsty. For a while here, I thought they were going to kill every German they ran across.

Fairly decent WWII tale. Like this book? Read online this: Ghost Fleet #2, The Gray and Guilty Sea (Garrison Gage, #1).

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