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I picked this up to better understand General Pope since my monthly history presentation for next month is Second Bull Run (Second Manassas). General John Pope PDF EBookI knew Cozzens was a well- PDFregarded Civil War author, but I also learned recently he has also written about the post-Civil War American West and edited Pope's memoirs.

I expected this to be a negative biography; download; Pope is much criticized for his performance during the Second Bull Run campaign and his feud with Fitz-John Porter stemming from the battle.As a result, I was pleasantly surprised by this book.Cozzens has no problem finding fault with Pope: the aforementioned issues, plus Pope's generally arrogant behavior especially prior to the war.But Cozzens does not hesitate to fault others deserving of criticism, at Second Bull Run and elsewhere.Cozzens also thinks highly of much of Pope's work in the west with the Indians.

The portrait that emerges is a ambitious, intelligent, dedicated, but flawed soldier.

(The book's subtitle is a reference to Pope's longevity with the army: he entered West Point at age 16 and served in the army without interruption until age-mandated retirement at age 65.) Like this book? Read online this: The Red Pope, An Hour with Pope John XXIII.

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