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I finally woke up in 2004, after a decade of living this book. Generation ecstasy PDF EBookClubland, and Party Monster, are two other books that capture the essence of this so- PDFcalled era.

It was very informative and quite revealing of how rave culture came about.It gives good insight into how the music was created, how the parties got started, where the drugs came from and what they did, and how and why it all ended.

I don't know what to say.If you never took part in any of it, and you want to understand what went on, then this is the book for you.If you were there, but can't remember why, then this is the book for you.

But if you lived it, breathed it, and loved it, then this is just a text book, and can't truely explain what it felt like to take part in the greatest love and freedom fest, ever.The 60's was about being who you were.The 90's and early early part of this century was about being whatever you wanted to be.The thing about this book is that while it gives you the data, it doesn't give you the feelings.The experience was different for everybody, even those at the same parties.I guess x, lsd, ghb, and meth do that to you.There is an ebb and a flow to the lifestyle, and it lives on today.You can still find raves and amazing djs in every major city if you know where to look, but they won't be run by Clear Channel.That's one idea that this book got exactly right... it went from being an expression to being a show.Those who truely cared still live the life, but don't shove it in peoples faces any more as they now want to keep it to themselves. Like this book? Read online this: The Book of Jasher, Part Two, Ecstasy to Agony.

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