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Galloping toward them, Hancock called out: "What regiment is this?"Colonel William Colvill shouted back that it was the 1st Minnesota, which had been detached earlier that day from the rest of Gibbon's division. Gettysburg PDF EBook"Colonel, do you see those colors?" asked Hancock, pointing to the Confederate battle flag in the front rank of Wilcox's brigade.Colvill nodded."Then take them," Hancock ordered.As Lieutenant William Lochren of the 1st Minnesota recalled, "Every man realized in an instant what that order meant - PDF death or wounds to us all, the sacrifice of the regiment to gain a few minutes' time and save the position."

One of my very favorite recounts of any unit engaged in the Civil War, north or south.Just goes to show how brave men can be when they need to and that they will put ideals ahead of life itself when they believe strongly enough in them.The 1st Minnesota had 262 men in their ranks before that charge and returned with only 47, an 82 percent loss.That is courage and bravery epitomized. Like this book? Read online this: Bishop & Hancock's Pulse Fiction, Gettysburg.

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