Ghosts I Have Met, and Some Others

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“Coleridge, I think it was, was once asked by a lady if he believed in ghosts, and he replied, ‘No, madame; download; I have seen too many of them. Ghosts I Have Met, and Some Others PDF EBook’ Which is my case exactly.”

Unless you are out searching for older macabre writers you might not have run across this gem of a classic. Bangs, tries and succeeds excellently to portray visitations by ghosts that come to him, are drawn to him for different reasons throughout his narration. It would seem to the reader that he is being haunted for the impeccable act of truth telling.

“I hold that it is a man’s duty in this life to give to the world the benefit of his experience. All that he sees he should set down exactly as he sees it, and so simply, withal, that to the dullest comprehension the moral involved shall be perfect obvious.”

Now, having written that and given his quote about the pains one should take upon themselves in the exactness of retelling; one cannot overlook the fact that the ghosts were not interested in his writings as he imagined they might have been. During one such conversation with a specter in his room in the summer of 1895, the ghost admits that it holds him in high regard for the spirit of truth in which he writes, however, makes it clear that while his writing might be truthful it was not interesting.

Throughout Bangs’s stories he makes the supernatural into an everyday occurrence that simply cannot be avoided when you are able to see them, such as, is narrated. Even though this may seem to some reader’s humdrum, I beg to differ. He truly understood that life is not filled with phantoms the way we see them now portrayed in novels, short stories and movies, yet as common, on occasion comical and sometimes irritating. The simple fact that these stories are marked by some, flawed and fanciful makes them all the more closer to reality than we can wish to read.

“If we could only get used to the idea that ghosts are perfectly harmless creatures, who are powerless to affect our well- PDFbeing unless we assist them by giving way to our fears, we should enjoy the supernatural exceedingly, it seems to me.”

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