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as a rule i try to stay away from "true crime" books because there's usually an icky titillating element to them, but i picked this up as a free book from the library years ago (most likely because of the cover design) and was in search of something to read before bed. Give a Boy a Gun PDF EBook it's clear pretty early on that this is more fairly classed as journalism rather than tabloid (non- PDF)fiction, due to an emphasis on documentary research and interviews, and that helped keep me reading. there is a discernible bias in the narrative voice, but because it was easily identified i could discount if i chose. when reconstructing events the prose has a tendency to aim for "hardboiled", which may or may not work for you (i found it unintentionally amusing). wrt reconstruction, i would have liked to see olsen be more explicit about his sources: we don't find out until later, for instance, that the account of the murders is based solely on one eyewitness. i have other reasons to believe that the judge's conclusion was an accurate reading of dallas& download; the facts, but this still bothered me; it's a dangerous blend of journalism and "pop history" tactics. (and how did he get all of that information about the jury proceedings, including that one disqualification? just interviews? more transparency about reporting methods would have been appreciated.)

three stars because i honestly could not put it down (so much for bedtime reading, oops) but with the aforementioned caveats.

p.s. a couple of entertaining editorial failures, both on the same page: "pogue had taken away one of pogue's guns" and "indeed, faithfully, this would come to pass" (instead of fatefully). there were a couple more, but these were the most egregious. Like this book? Read online this: Narrative Reading, Not Yours To Give.

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