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Tiki and Ronde have grown a lot during the spring and summer. Goal Line PDF EBook At the start of ninth grade, they’re not only wiser and more mature, but they’re also taller and stronger—with bigger muscles and bigger hands to grab and hold the ball. Factor in the return of their beloved Coach Wheeler, and the boys couldn’t be more ready for football season. But when Tiki wins a school- PDFwide essay contest and gives an inspirational speech in front of the whole school, he becomes sought after for guidance and advice. The school paper even wants him to do a Dear Tiki column! However, Tiki would prefer make his mark on the field—and with the Eagles starting 4-0 and a perfect season in sight, he’ll have to put a lid on his advice column and concentrate on football.

Book Details:Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 8/30/2011 Pages: 176 Reading Level: Age 8 and Up Like this book? Read online this: DVD, FIRST GRADE, Workbook & Educational DVD, Activities, Stories, Movies and More, School Zone DVD & Book, Met His Every Goal?.

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