God's Perfect Child

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The author provides lots of evidence regarding the mental instability of the founder of Christian Science, the many discrepancies in her own writings, and how strongly the Mother Church has quashed dissension and criticism over the years. God's Perfect Child PDF EBook The author's major flaw, though, is that she argues the inability of the church to "prove" its healing works, and of course virtually no religion is expected to prove its central tenets because they are based on faith. I think because Christian Science claims to be science when convenient and religion when convenient, she argues there should be scientific evidence. Overall there is lots in the book that leads me to conclude that this belief system may have made a little sense back before medicine had scientific evidence of healing, but nowadays vaccinations, antibiotics, insulin and the like are God- PDFgiven lifesavers to me and should not be ignored for children. Adults can do as they please. I believe God's answer to prayer includes lifesaving medical treatments. Like this book? Read online this: Science and Evidence for Design in the Universe (Proceedings of the Wethersfield Institute #9), Picture Perfect (Picturing Perfect, #1).

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