Going Nuts in Kaua'i - Love, Humor and Spirituality

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Fiction, spiritual/metaphysical, non- PDFviolent, slight content on sex and nudity. Going Nuts in Kaua'i - Love, Humor and Spirituality PDF EBook

Adventure does not need to be life-threatening and adrenaline-pumping. There could be plenty of adventure in simply finding out who you truly are.
When a woman goes to the tropical island of Kaua'i looking for a quiet life and hoping to meet the man of her dreams, she finds those things, and much, much more. Her path leads to extraordinary surprises, a crash "coarse" in spirituality, and the discovery of other worlds that surround us all.
Written with a light touch, Going Nuts in Kaua'i is about how fascinating a simple life can be when you see things beyond the ordinary.
Although the central theme is a romance with mentor Zen, and the woman learns initially about the island, nature and spiritual life through his eyes, as she accepts that this is not the long term committed relationship for which she yearns, a plethora of other resources manifest, including many healers, dreams and revelations about her past lives. It is a quest for finding love and forgiveness within herself, and accepting change as a positive step toward happiness.

Copy from a 5-star review on Amazon:

Great little book, quick read ...about spiritual journey, human feelings set in Kauai, HAWAII
Format: Paperback
Kauai is sometimes known as the Healing Island...where people come to heal, to discover the meaning of life, in times of search or transition...It is a fitting setting. There seems a kind of undercurrent of magic in the story line as there is in the island (which this reviewer knows) itself. And this thread of magic alongside beautifully described, charming ordinariness off everyday life & download; survival, encounters and human feelings and emotions....candid dialogues and wonderful descriptions of a beautiful island. through the eyes of the main character, the reader meets some very interesting people, particularly the mysterious Zen who is the prime impact on her, a middle aged woman, who is not described nor given a name, perhaps enhancing the feeling of looking and experiencing through her eyes... It is a real-life spiritual journey, with loneliness, torment, joys, dreams, visions, survival struggles. This woman, to a greater or lesser extent the writer herself , i would guess (but who knows to what extent fiction and to what extent fact!? in any case,...) she works through the ingrained, strong and painful desire for a human soulmate or savior, in this case focused on the enigmatic Zen, to come to a higher, deeper place within herself of more self-sufficiency and independence. I found the ending a bit odd and wonder what other readers thought (?) I do hope the author is continuing to keep diaries and will treat us to a sequel as she leaves this reader with tantalizing feeling that the journey is on-going. I would recommend this book not only for those on a spiritual search, but also anyone who just wants an interesting good read and anyone interested in Kauai. I give it 5 stars. I like the cover and the layout etc too. Hope the kindle is as good as the paperback. Like this book? Read online this: The Spiritual Life, Oh, Nuts!.

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