Going the Distance (Down for the Count, #2)

PDF EBook by Christa Cervone

EBook Description

Life has been a roller coaster for Gabriel ‘The Saint’ Vega. Going the Distance (Down for the Count, #2) PDF EBook From surviving a hellish childhood, to reuniting with his lost brother, only to hit the struggle of helping him battle his drug addiction. Boxing saved Gabriel’s life, and just when his career hits the fast track, he finally finds love with Salem; download; at least for a short time.

Social differences, obligations, and misguided good intentions tore Gabriel and Salem apart before they could ever really get started.

Will Gabriel be able to save his brother from the whirlpool of addiction that threatens to drag him under? Is Salem capable of breaking away from the ropes that bind her to doing what’s expected rather than what and whom she desires? Can Gabriel convince Salem that their mutual feelings are worth fighting for, and that together, they will be able to go the distance? Like this book? Read online this: Gabriel & Mr. Death, Going the Distance.

Going the Distance (Down for the Count, #2) PDF download

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