Gold Fever (Horse Guardian, #5)

PDF EBook by Angela Dorsey

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"This is Bell Radio. Gold Fever (Horse Guardian, #5) PDF EBook How may I help you?"

Karlie froze. The radiophone operator was answering her call! All she had to do was run back and tell the operator she needed help. But George would be at the door any second. She couldn't risk it. Karlie slipped out the window and dropped to the ground.

There was a loud rattling of the doorknob. As Karlie ran toward Angelica and Nugget, she hear the door bang open. Then a noisy crash - PDF the radiophone being flung against one of the cabin walls. A wave of terrible aloneness washed over Karlie. Their only link ot the outside world had been violently severed. They were truly on their own now.

Karlie knows she has to find her injured father quickly. But how is she going to find him in this vast wilderness, with a killer on her trail? And if she does find her dad, will she be able to save him from George? Will she even be able to save herself? Like this book? Read online this: Save America To Save The World, Rattlesnake Rock (Horse Guardian, #7).

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