Golden Tide (Song of the Aura, #4)

PDF EBook by Gregory J. Downs

EBook Description

The stage is set. Golden Tide (Song of the Aura, #4) PDF EBook The First Act has ended. The deadly game has begun at last.

Elia, the Halanyad, destined to unite all nymphkind, has been captured. Gribly, the Prophet, has left his destiny behind in order to have one last, desperate chance at saving her.

Now Lauro, the disgraced prince of Vastion, is the only hero left. It will be up to him to traverse the hazards of the Blackwood and Fellmere in search of the Red Aura, Automo, who may hold the only weapon capable of sending the archdemons of the Legion back to the gates of Hell… forever.

A half- PDFblood princess with unheard of abilities. An easy-going ranger with a mysterious weapon. A fire-breathing monster who may or may not be an ally. A one-handed Windmaster with prodigious Sky Striding power. Will their aid be enough to bring Vastion to victory? Will Lauro ever find redemption?

The old legends have died… A new legend is rising, and it is written in blood. Like this book? Read online this: The Left-Handed Story, Aura der Leere.

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