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From whom but Updike are we to read a book of essays on golf that includes Herodotus, Artemis, Florence Nightingale, George Eliot, Dante, and Rabbit Angstrom?The Diker describes a northeastern golfer bemoaning the winter weather that interrupts his golf addiction thus(ly):"(Golf dreams) steal upon the sleeping mind while winter steals upon the landscape, sealing the inviting cups beneath sheets of ice, cloaking the contours of the fairway in snow. Golf Dreams PDF EBook"

One of his imaginary Scottish caddies, after an unusually smooth swing, cries out to him, "Oh, bravely struck, sir."With this sentence, my mind's eye creates a vision of a happy threesome:Updike, Cheever, and P.G. Wodehouse headed down their last long fairway,heavy bags strapped to their youthful shoulders. Like this book? Read online this: Your Inner Swing - 7 Lessons in Golf... and Life!, Golf.

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