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I think the book had a lot of good points overall, although the writing was too academic at times. Good Society PDF EBook For me, the main thesis was that we should stop being so individualistic in America and think (and do) what is good for all. Americans don't really respect the common good, for Americans or even for the entire world. The book did rather reek of American exceptionalism though, which my opinion goes back and forth on. The citations are golden though. Sometimes, that is the best thing about reading heavy non- PDFfiction books - they usually cite even better books and authors. I should read Bellah's other book, Habits of the Heart. It's probably better. The book is very American-centric though. I thought he was going to talk about the good society for the world. The authors see America as the world leader, so that's a little disappointing. I would say pass this book up if it's boring you halfway through, but skip to the end and get the citations. Golden. Like this book? Read online this: The Good Book, Wage Policy in the Eurozone (Work & Society (Work & Society (Brussels, Belgium), 37.).

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