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This was a truly motivating, captivating book. Gospel Worship PDF EBookThe primary thrust of these sermons is the sanctification of the name of God through worship.Burroughs dissects the importance of preparing for worship, which, as we can see in any contemporary church, is something that needs much more emphasis. He also uses a couple of chapters in discussing sanctifying God’s name in holy duties,followed by sanctifying the name of God through hearing the Word, and in receiving the sacraments.In trying to summarize this work, I looked at review of this book by Tim Chailles, and I suggest you all do the same. This book is very dense, but in no way a hard read, and has loads of teaching and application.The most important piece I took away is that our worship and our approach to worship must glorify and sanctify God’s name, and as Burroughs outlines the ways to approach this in worship, I felt keenly that my own worship was not up to what it should be.It’s also sobering to think that when we fast, meditate, pray, etc., all of those are forms of worship, and through which we seek to glorify the name of God, and also see the face of Christ.I read this fairly fast, took a few notes, but I will be reading it again next month. Like this book? Read online this: Worship, Theology and Ministry in the Early Church, Worship, Old And New.

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