Grant Moves South, 1861-1863

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Grant Moves South is the second of a trilogy, starting with Lloyd Lewis' Captain Sam Grant, covering the life of U. Grant Moves South, 1861- PDF1863 PDF EBookS. Grant through the Civil War. This volume picks up on him in June 1861 as acolonel and commander of the 21st Illinois, and covers his career through the fall of Vicksburg in 1863. The author is giving us a relatively plain, straightforward type of guy, who saw, as did few of his contemporaries, the way to victory was through the total destruction of the enemy's armies which he accomplished twice in this volume (Ft. Donelson and Vicksburg). There are difficulties: his relationship with Gen. Halleck, his immmediate superior; download; General Orders No. 11; and his drinking. Catton deals with them by narrating the facts as he finds them. The first seems to have been a communications breakdown (helped along by Confederate activity on the lines of communication) and the second a blunder of Grant's. On the drinking, Catton refutes most of the stories, yet...well, it's sufficient to know the army wasn't being commanded by someone drunk on his ass. The book tells of Grant's growth as a commander and how he dealt with non-battle situations such as cotton trading, dealings with the occupied people, and the liberation of slaves. In doing so, the author gives much information on the impact of these frequently overlooked issues on the war itself, and we see that Grant's views on a hard war even exceeded, and helped to inspire, Sherman's. All in all, a most informative volume, even if I did get the feeling it was less of an evaluation than an accolade. Like this book? Read online this: The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant, Volume 6, Chickamauga 1863.

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