Growing Up With Girl Power

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An in- PDFdepth examination of how "girl power" has been interpreted, not only by the riot grrrls who launched its punk movement, but by girls born in the 1980s and 1990s who grew up with the idea of "girl power" mass-marketed to them particularly through the Spice Girls and certain cartoons. Growing Up With Girl Power PDF EBook Careful attention is given to race-based differences in girls' reactions to the media.

Hains details the ambiguities inherent in popularized, commercialized "girl power": in some forms it indeed promotes self-esteem, assertiveness, recognition of inner beauty and the importance of girls' friendships with other girls, while in other cases it is nothing more than reverse sexism against boys, image-based stereotyping of girls, and the mindless pabulum of cosmetic makeovers and nonsensical song lyrics.

The group interview transcripts with young girls are entertaining as well as illuminating. It only makes sense that they were consulted, and this makes the book stand out from other feminist texts that limit themselves to the opinions of adults. With the assumption that the reader has basic knowledge of and sympathy with feminism and anti-racism, this is a quite pleasurable read as an introductory text on the subject of girl power. Like this book? Read online this: Girls of Summer (Groovy Girls Sleepover Club, #8), Am I Old Yet? The Story of Two Women, Generations Apart, Growing Up and Growing Young in a Timeless Friendship.

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