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The celebrated Spanish playwright Fernando Arrabal, who lived in Madrid under the oppression of the Franco regime, writes passionately of human atrocity and of hope. Guernica & download; Other Plays PDF EBook This collection of plays embodies Arrabal’s “theatre of panic,” named after the god Pan. The homme panique is a man who refuses to take risks, who avoids danger and therefore heroism, who avoids the irreparable act, but who, ironically, is caught up in a world of chance that forces him to make choices.

The collection includes Guernica, an earthy verbal re- PDFcreation of Picasso’s famous painting, in which an old Basque couple is caught in the air raids; And They Put Handcuffs on the Flowers, a violent protest against the Franco regime; the ingenious and poetic The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria; and Garden of Delights, which explores the lesbian tendencies of strong adoles­cent attachments and the sadomasochistic experience of adult love.

'And They Put Handcuffs on the Flowers'
'The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria'
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