GURPS Magic Items 1

PDF EBook by Chris W. McCubbin

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In the Chest You Find . GURPS Magic Items 1 PDF EBook . .
Enchanted swords . . . marvelous rings . . . animated armor . . . wands and staffs of devastating power. Here is a catalog of hundreds of original and imaginative enchanted items for use in any campaign, from exotic trinkets to mighty artifacts. Categories include swords and weapons, armor, wizardly tools, thief's supplies, clothing, jewelry, healing tools, necromantic items and curses, tricks, and traps.
GURPS Magic Items 1 also describes the eldritch shops that sell these wonders, with a complete and realistic guide to the economics of enchantment in a medieval fantasy world, including profiles of the typical enchanter, enchanter's patron, and magical merchant. Like this book? Read online this: Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives, GURPS Discworld.

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