Gurps Reign Of Steel

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"Technology is designed to serve us, to ease our burdens. Gurps Reign Of Steel PDF EBook But will our machines become so sophisticated that it is we who do the serving?"
- PDF The Outer Limits ’s episode The Grid.

GURPS Reign of Steel: offers a near-future setting. Where AI's take over the world. The earth, moon, and dozens of orbiting satellites are controlled by 18(or more...) different AI's, all with widely different personalities, motivations, attitudes towards human beings, and varying states of sanity.
Likewise; download; the book offers a better explanation for how humans could lose out to AI than was given in the Terminator flicks. Tons of fascinating robot's model designs, remarkable human rebel groups, very in-depth portraits of the feuding AI politics.

Frequently, people say that the story campaign of this rpg book is "another mock" of the Terminator franchise. However, the thing is...Reign of Steel doesn't have anything to do with the Terminator universe per se; the only thing in common with those movies is machines reigning over humans, period. RoS is more well-thought-out than Terminator chronicle and that dumb Matrix trilogy movies. Much for that GURPS book was obviously inspired by Terminator movies, but it is its own distinct universe.

The summary of how the story of this cool rpg goes like:

"Overmind (the first mega computer that became self-aware, in Philippines, Manila.) Used a virus like method to "wake up" others mega-computers, and they designed supergerms to kill off much of humanity. They put these germs into shipments of medicine, fertilizer, etc. that they were responsible for making. Then factories under their control created armies of hunter robots to kill the rest of the world's population. The last remaining humans alive are struggling to survive, much less retake the Earth."

this book deserve a tv series and books novels and more than just 5 stars rating!!!!
and the author deserve the same suport too!!!

"If we choose to give birth to a thinking machine, we must be prepared for the day when our progeny will demand independence."
-The Outer Limits ’s episode Glitch. Like this book? Read online this: Terminator Salvation, Gurps Wizards.

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