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Remember when Dorothy landed in Oz and the world suddenly burst into color? That's what it's like for Gus and his dog Button when something bright green lands in their monochromatic mushroom land. Gus and Button PDF EBook Through the Howling Woods, across a raging river, as far as the land of Cornucopia, brave Gus (Fun Gus his good friends call him) goes, determined to find the source of this green thing. And find it he does — a land awash with brilliant color. But Gus, it turns out, has not been paying attention — in fact, the green thing's not a thing at all!

Fans who've followed the extraordinary development of Saxton Freymann's work, from the emotional faces of How are You Peeling? to the underwater depths of One Lonely Sea Horse and the pumpkin theater of Dr. Pompo's Nose will see a new pinnacle of artistic achievement in this book. Characters, landscapes, action, architecture: Freymann makes you (like Gus) see everything as if for the first time.

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