Halloween Night on Shivermore Street

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A Halloween masquerade party is taking place on Shivermore Street. Halloween Night on Shivermore Street PDF EBook The costumes are varied, the food a bit unsettling, and then the clock strikes THIRTEEN!!! At thirteen the fun begins with a surprise, sure to give shivers as the party comes to an end!

Everyone is getting ready for the masquerade party at the house at the end of Shivermore Street. It's an eerie night with a pea green moon. It's six o'clock as the party begins.

Food consists of insect treats, as much as you want, if you're brave enough to try. From seven to eight a game of musical chairs is played until all the witches are out. From eight until nine, five vampires set to work carving five pumpkins so that by nine the jack o'lanterns are burning bright. Bobbing for apples isn't easy especially for werewolves who always miss the apples, even though they have GREAT BIG teeth. From ten to eleven the house on Shivermore Street is silent with a game of hide- PDFand-go-seek as everyone hides from a little fat ghost. Then it's time for a game of limbo and what better way than using a broom. Unfortunatly for the mummies they lose their wrappings as they go and need to be re-rolled. A dance of do-si-do is in full swing as the clock strikes THIRTEEN!

As the clock strikes thirteen everyone holds their breath and prepares to take off their mask. On the count of three the surprising twist is complete, not everyone is who you'd think. The guests, who came to the party at the beginning of the story, scream and run away from the party on Shivermore Street.

For some added fun when reading this book, turn down the lights and play some spooky sounding music to get everyone in the mood.

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