Happiness for Beginners

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Funny 'forensic memoir' about sanity, success, serendipity – and solving the mysteries of a roller- PDFcoaster life. Happiness for Beginners PDF EBook

“A heartfelt and hilarious look back in time. Baby Boomers will find a kindred spirit in Garry Lee Wright."

– Tim Walsh, author of "Timeless Toys" and star of "Toyland"

“Like every good satirist, Garry Lee has a slightly different perspective than the rest of the world...a sharp eye for the vagaries and oddities of life."

– Bill Clotworthy, former censor, Saturday Night Live

“Garry Lee's observations have never ceased to amaze me. On the radio or ruminating in print or on the Internet, he has a valuable, unique voice. And he's laugh-out-loud funny."

– Adam Buckman, media pundit and author of "Jerk"

“Garry is one of the funniest and smartest guys I know, and also one of the most generous. When I was unable to afford a couch, he gave me his. It was missing a leg and required a soup can for support. But he also gave me the soup can.”

– Charlie Meyerson, WXRT; download; ChicagoTribune.com; WGN; WBEZ Like this book? Read online this: Baby Boomers Secrets for Life After 50!, Happiness.

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