Happy Birthday, Spongebob!

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This is a level 1 reading book, it's not super easy but not real difficult either. Happy Birthday, Spongebob! PDF EBook A beginning reader would be proud of him- PDFherself as they read this on their own. Many repetitive words so the reader can read over and over again helping boost self esteem. Also this is a 'picture book' meaning some of the words have been replaced by pictures of what it is making it easier for a young reader to read. AND for the adult it has in smaller words under the picture of what it's suppose to be so the adult can help the reader with words they may not know. Or in my case I read this out loud to my special needs son, having the smaller words under the pictures helped in me reading out loud. I didn't have to pause to figure out what the picture is suppose to be.

SpongeBob feels everyone has forgotten his birthday as he has not been wished Happy Birthday all the while his friends and community are giving him a surprise party to celebrate him. Like this book? Read online this: Words and Pictures, Happy Birthday, Everywhere.

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