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I'm diggin' essays at the moment, and I read this book right up. Hawai'i One Summer PDF EBook

Initially, I was motivated to get my hands on this collection because I came across and taught "Sea Worry" to my seventh graders a few years ago. It led to a surprisingly successful discussion about point of view: the teacher versus the students; download; and, my Hawaii born and bred students appreciated finally being able to identify the places an author is writing about.

So I wanted to attempt a repeat of this success with my current ninth graders and on this trail found myself consuming the rest of the work quickly.

I am naturally drawn towards her essays on teaching and writing, and though in the preface, she claims that she attempted to leave her [Hawaii] out, I love how she seeps through the narratives anyway. Of course she [Hawaii] does.

Through this seeping, is a pervading sense of awe for the island, as well as a nuanced sense of “outsiderness” that comes with being a mainlander, foreigner, haole, in Hawaii. It makes sense that in the preface she articulates that she struggled to determine what was hers to write about, and that she could hear the Hawaiians telling her, “’You have taken our land. Don’t take our stories.’”

I can relate to this haole guilt as well as the teacher doubt she writes about in “Useful Education”. The doubt that so easily takes root in the throes of teaching the structured essay. I think I will keep telling myself the following as I continue to drill argument writing into my poor students’ brains:

“But if I become paralyzed worrying about the kid writers I am damaging, I try to remember how tough writers are. Kwan Kung, the god of war and literature, rides before us.”

…and I’m going to type this one up for my classroom wall:

“...form—- PDFthe epic, the novel, drama, the various forms of poetry—is organic to the human body. Petrarch did not invent the sonnet. Human heartbeat and language and voice and breath produce these rhythms.”

Thanks, Maxine.
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