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Loved it! Especially the first half, set in 1913 London. Hazel PDF EBook 13- PDFyear-old Hazel becomes very interested in the suffragettes, as well as in her classmate Gloria, I thought. Which ends in disaster and her being sent to her grandparents' sugar plantation in the Caribbean... the book here felt a bit bi-polar I thought, as much as I did love it. The two halves were two very different stories for a lot of the time! And as interesting as it was to suddenly be on the other side of the world, in the wilds, with the issue of slavery in the recent past, my interests lie much more with the suffragette half.

I was also glad to finally read this, having read both Ivy and Rowan the Strange. The three fit together as a trilogy - Ivy is Hazel's mother, and Rowan's grandmother - though you don't have to read them in order, or to have read the others at all. It's just like a little bonus if you HAVE. And having read RtS before this one, I had an OMG moment because I suddenly knew what Hazel's father had done, that she didn't know about. Like this book? Read online this: Listen & Read Great Love Poems (Book & Audio Cassette), Think Smart, Hazel Green!.

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