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In dealing with chronic pain a friend referred this book to me as an alternative to the traditional medicine that wasn't as effective as necessary. Heal Your Body PDF EBookIt's just a short book which lists different diseases and physical ailments and what are perceived as the psychological reasonings behind those pains.I've always believed there is some connection between mind and body, I just never considered the specific relationship between each part of the body and the psyche. It was actually a very enlightening book for me. I find myself reaching for it often when I'm not feeling well and get curious as to what might be the true underlying issue for the physical pain.Just that knoweldge allows me to think through what's happening in my life and make some adjustments.Now, where Louise Hay and I part ways in this thinking is with her remedy - PDF affirmations.I realize that there's logic behind this concept but my mind just doesn't play along.It laughs at affirmations and refuses to be so easily manipulated.I realize it does work for others so I'm not discounting it, just saying it's not the solution for me.Regardless, the book is still illuminative and helpful.If conventional medicine isn't working for you or you just dislike the traditional remedies to headaches and such, this book is worth a peek. Like this book? Read online this: Bandolier's Little Book of Pain, Heal Yourself.

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