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It is an insightful read, and I do agree with a lot in the book; download; however, it does not address what to do when I statements fail. Heart to Heart Parenting PDF EBook Yes, of course, when my daughter starts acting up, I will say, I feel frustrated when you do that noise continuously. My daughter will just say, ok and continue doing it. My other daughter will just refuse to do what I asked her to do, such as her homework. If I say I feel frustrated whenyou don't listen, she just doesn't care. What do you do in this instance when you follow step by step what it says in the book, and the result is, not what they suggest it should be. They seem to completely avoid any mention of how to make your kid do something that is necessary, like homework. They suggest that if you listen to them and set boundaries using I statements, that your kids will care about your feelings and co- PDFoperate because you have gained their good will. This is not the result when you have strong willed children. My daughter will not do something unless it benefits herself. She is 7 and does not yet understand investments in the future either, so the consequence of failing at school does nothing for her. She lives in the moment. I want to play now, so I will play now. Mommy is frustrated, but that is not my problem. I am happy and that is all that matters. I want to play, so I play. What is she going to do to stop me. The book needs to go further and say, you told your child how you feel, you set your boundary with I feelings, and you child just does walks past it with a smart look on their face. What do you do? You are left to physically enforce your boundary in a non-violent way (restrain your child), let them trample all over the boundary further enforcing that your feelings and boundaries are not important, or manipulate them with rewards and consequences which is not recommended by the book. If we do not manipulate them with guilt, shame, rewards or consequences, what is left in our arsenal. What do we do instead? If you ask your child, as it says in the book, why are you disrespecting me? Why are you looking me in the face and laughing as you take pleasure at doing the exact thing I told you not to do? They say, "I don't know, I want to do it, so I do it. If your feelings are hurt, that is ok because they are not my feelings. I don't have to feel them." Children are not built in with empathy. How do you teach them to care about your feelings?
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