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I was expecting this book to be funny, and it decidedly wasn't. Heck Superhero PDF EBookNevertheless, it was a really good book, and thought- PDFprovoking.

Heck is a good kid who tries to take care of his mom, who is depressive and occasionally temporally displaced (thinks she's six again, type of thing), particularly when she's under stress.The book starts with Heck (Hector)'s mom calling him at a friend's house to say that they've been locked out of the apartment for failure to pay the rent, and telling him to see if he can stay the night.

Heck doesn't.This story is about Heck's attempts to find his mom and survive.It is honest; download; it doesn't sugar-coat anything.Even the ending, which faintly colors some hope into the starkness of their lives, doesn't pretend that things are going to be easy.I was very impressed.

The book is short.It's a very quick read, written on a little younger level than I usually read. Like this book? Read online this: The Book Nobody Read, Superhero Swamp.

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