Higgenbloom and the Dancing Grandmas

PDF EBook by Kathy Lynn Harris

EBook Description

Higgenbloom the Honey Bee didn’t fit in with the other bees who lived on Grandma Rosemary’s farm. Higgenbloom and the Dancing Grandmas PDF EBook Instead of working from sunup to sundown like the others, Higgenbloom was known for doing silly somersaults, breaking out in little bee boogies, and pretending he was a jet pilot, zooming from flower to flower and making himself quite dizzy. But sadly, Higgenbloom always played alone.

One morning, Higgenbloom wanders off on his own (again), only to find himself in a heap of trouble — trapped inside a moving car and traveling away from the farm and everything he knows!

Find out what happens when Higgenbloom goes on an adventure … and encounters some very cool Dancing Grandmas along the way. Like this book? Read online this: The Bone Flower Throne (The Bone Flower Trilogy, #1), Join The Dance (The Dancing With Horses Trilogy) (The Dancing With Horses Trilogy) (Volume 2).

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