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I first read Swami Ram's encounters with great mystics and sages of 20th century India way back in 1991 and I was overwhelmed with all his detailed incidents of miracles and occult practices. Himalayna Siddhayogi PDF EBook At many pages in his very book he has criticised these miracles and those who perform them and has advocated spiritual practices which can get one liberated and enlightened, but the book has sort of become a collection of such events which people read with awe and disbelief.
I read this book again a few years back and have it with me. Over the years, I have been attracted more towards spiritual books and texts which do not discuss miracles and wonders of paranormal nature. It is useless spending time in reading things which can not be backed by proofs and you may not be sure if that really ever happened.
I have gone through other books of Swami Ram and would recommend them, however, this one is the most famous of his all. Thanx to this book, I came to know about many less- PDFknown mystics and swamis of India and later read about them in greater detail. Like this book? Read online this: You Can Read a Face Like a Book, Super Minds American English Level 4 Teacher's Resource Book with Audio CD.

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