His Wolf Heart

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James Farrant left his werewolf pack ten years ago, but not before he made an impression on Micah. His Wolf Heart PDF EBook Micah, who once fostered with the Farrant pack, is now the pack Guardian, a wolf who will never have a pack of his own because he will never be part of a breeding pair.

When James left, Micah was still coming to terms with his sexuality. The single kiss they shared continues to haunt Micah after all these years. When James returns to the pack, after having spent the intervening years as a playboy, with his photo splashed across the tabloids of Europe, Micah is taken aback by his attraction to the man. James is also stunned to see Micah, who has turned into one very hot man.

A chance encounter at a club leads to a night of wild sex, and in the morning, the connection and the attraction is still there. James's reasons for leaving the pack were more complicated than anyone ever knew, but with Micah's help, will he be able to heal himself, both man and wolf? Like this book? Read online this: Tempted by the Pack and Pleasured by the Pack (Blue Moon Brides #1 & 2), A Wolf's Heart (Valorian Chronicles #6).

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