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DNF - PDF This isn't very long of a body of work. Holiday Echos PDF EBook Only 18 pages according to Amazon's listing. But After struggling through the first personal essay (I think that's what it could be called), and starting the second, I couldn't seem to care about what the author said. That's a bit harsh, but I feel this is mostly due to the way this collection is presented and written. The description is short and vague saying: memories of past holidays. That's all, and I added the period at the end, too. When I started off, I wasn't sure if this was a short story or not, then I realized it was a personal account and seemed to care less. It's all telling and no showing. It's all "this is how my life is. This is what happened later. etc." But there's no context to who the author is to put these "memories of past holidays" into. Also in starting the second one, I'm not feeling much "holiday" memories as I am seeing this author talk about what's ailing her or her husband.

This might be just what other readers are looking for, though I'm sorry I can't help describe it better than the description given. It was definitely not working for me, but I gave it a shot and got about halfway through. Like this book? Read online this: Marriage Contract (Debut Author) (Debut Author) (Silhouette Romance, No 1167), Every Day's a Holiday.

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