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That’s all I have to say about this book. Okay, sure, it won’t get remembered for its writing, which is direct, plain, and has not a bit of extraneous descriptions or fluff, but it packed quite a punch.

There were only 151 pages in all. Quite short, but in it, the author managed to touch on the themes of domestic abuse, racism, grief, the search for one’s own self- PDFidentity, and sticking up for what’s morally right. Homestretch touched on the darker side of horse racing, dealing with drugs, and trainers who don’t care about their horses.

Gaston was a great character, easily relatable, and had amazing growth in development. Spanish was used a lot in this book without translation and, to me, it didn’t detract from the story. It gave the conflicts between Gaston and his own prejudices against them more depth.

I can’t believe such a short story can work in a lot of things other novels need 300+ pages to do. Don’t worry, the story has pretty good pace, and it’s not preachy at all. I loved it!

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