Honor Bound (The Protectors, #2)

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My life was just like any other girl’s until the Maxwell corporate empire ruined my family and stole my future. Honor Bound (The Protectors, #2) PDF EBook I’d given up hoping to see justice done, but then the way to right this wrong was dropped in my lap. My job with an event planner can get me into the home of one of Maxwell’s business partners. I can find evidence of what they did to my father. I can make sure they pay.

I wasn’t expecting Sebastian.

Sebastian has been hired for security, but he is also the son of the man I despise. I should hate Sebastian purely on principle. I shouldn’t care that he’s sweet and funny and sexy as hell. He’ll always be a Maxwell, and that means he’s my enemy.

I can’t help but want him anyway.

He seems to want me too, but only for a good time. He’s the son of privilege, and he’ll never be serious about me. He’ll also never betray his family. If he finds out what I’m really doing here, he’ll turn on me in an instant. He’ll keep me from finding justice.

It’s just that I keep finding him instead. Like this book? Read online this: Paul And Sebastian, Honor Bound & Two Alone.

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