Horses and Men

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men and women in transition, young men and women but not necessarily young in years - PDF primordially young men and women, young in spirit, but also ancient, searching, groping, moving from a moving point of flux through landscapes in flux, the outer world through the eyes of these ancient youth sinking into itself, moving into amorphousness, into metamorphoses, light and dark grappling, tree shadows in dark clumps becoming brooding emerging beings, intelligent beings radiating inchoate thoughts of an earth older than thoughts, moving, groping, shifting from man to woman, from man to animal and back again, the inner seeping into the outer and the outer seeping into the inner, thoughts forming as if for the first time, opening to a beginning consciousness of the tremendous mystery of all things, moving, groping, hurting, merging, running away into the shadows where a new light tentatively forms, a new light with its own new seeds of darkness, a blooming, a drying, water flowing through the dryness, city streets to rivers and rivers to city streets in the echoes of the dry dead clatter of commerce, death stripped away by insight leads the living through the endless dead hoards, through the age old ceaseless transformations of all things, life not death the great adventure though death is the road the living walk Like this book? Read online this: My Own Thoughts and Feelings (for Boys) (for Boys): A Young Boy's Workbook About Exploring Problems (GROW series), Horses.

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