How And When To Be Your Own Doctor

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Absolute garbage filled with terrible advice. How And When To Be Your Own Doctor PDF EBook I read this book over the course of two days (it is a very slim volume) and was practically on the verge of laughter throughout its entirety; download; anyone who seriously believe that the human body's natural method of healing is to be completely bedridden and on a diet of water and colonics is positively insane.

I wouldn't be upset if this book was written as a how- PDFto guide on a particular holistic practice, with no ill-will towards others. However, when the author goes on and on about how evil modern medicine is, there is a slight problem. "Curse them!" Mrs. Isabelle shouts, "what with their scientific tests and proven treatments! Why do they get all the credit for healing people with their elitist 'medicine,' while looking at me funny for charging people $80 to force 50 gallons of water through their systems?"

But I digress. Basically, this book is filled to the brim with inane theories and altogether quackery. Colonics and enemas are about as natural as spandex, and, as such, should be reserved for a select few. Mother nature isn't stupid; if humans had evolved to heal best when lying still for a month, we would have been eaten by tigers long ago. For the love of God, Mrs. Isabelle's "miracle cure" is wheat grass juice, which can only be made by pushing the grass through what is described as an industrial-strength grinder! Her theories on nutrition are potentially insightful, but even that is ruined when she begins touting vegetarianism as the be-all, end-all of health. But not just vegetarianism. You can only eat raw food. And only certain foods, because you're probably allergic to the rest. And it's these allergies which are causing your cancer! Or schizophrenia, or depression, or arthritis, etc. If she cures you with her cartoonishly mad-scientist approach to medicine, then you're another example of the benefits of her practice. But if, for some reason you die after being deprived of food for 6 weeks, then nothing in the world could have helped you. Bag em' and tag em', she tried her best. At least you died with the zen-like peace of the starving.

The final nail in the (quite literal) coffin of this book is that the author tragically died of cancer several years before its release, after over 20 years of refusing treatments that could have saved her life. I do not say this as though she deserved it, but as to warn others that would potentially try to live the life that she did. Like this book? Read online this: The Book of Potentially Catastrophic Science, Doctor Who (Doctor Who: Lost Stories, #3.2).

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