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Well, I was on the fence about this book until Chapter 3. How the Brain Learns PDF EBookNow, I would recommend this to any teacher, administrator, or just plain anybody who is curious how our silly little 'ole brain works and learns.I found it excessively exciting from a teacher's point of view and from my actor histronic sensibility, so...I think it will be useful to anyone looking for a left- PDFbrained book that talks about how our right-brains make us smarter...

Well, there is too much in this book to go into, but I will mention that it is designed to be like a lecture utilizing Bloom's Taxonomy, so the first two chapters are hard because it's a lot of "Remember" information.Chapter 3 is the "Understand" moment in the taxonomy, or what teacher's call the students' "Aha!" moment.Chapters 4 lives in the Apply area of how we transfer our information to the do we apply the information we've already learned from the previous chapters.Chapter 5 is the Analyze section, which talks about the two hemispheres of the brain and how we can tackle them as teachers.Chapter 6 is the Evaluate area where we learn how to take the arts and P.E. and create an environment that makes the student want to move onto the last part of the taxonomy: Create.Chapter 7 is the create section...and where Sousa finally talks about Bloom's Taxonomy in full.This is where he lays out how we as teachers can utilize the taxonomy to inspire higher-order thinking, which will, ultimately create positive transfer and retention (our job).The last chapter just goes back to another level of the taxonomy: apply, but because the taxonomy is now non-heirarchical, then it's okay to go back.

This was another book I was reading since January for my class, and I decided to finish it early because we have an assignment that asks us to present something that is cool in the book: Practitioner's Corner.This a section in each chapter that gives the teacher ideas about lessons or lesson planning.We're supposed to do one, but I found that difficult because we hadn't finished the book, yet, and I wanted to make sure that some of the other Practitioner Corner's were not ones that I wanted to do.I guess I'll just have to decide now.It will be on youtube eventually... Like this book? Read online this: Exo-force Chapter Book #1, Samuel Learns to Yell & Tell.

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