How the Irish Invented Slang

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In a series of lively essays, this pioneering book proves that US slang has its strongest wellsprings in nineteenth- PDFcentury Irish America. How the Irish Invented Slang PDF EBook "Jazz" and "poker," "sucker" and "scam" all derive from Irish. While demonstrating this, Daniel Cassidy simultaneously traces the hidden history of how Ireland fashioned America, not just linguistically, but through the Irish gambling underworld, urban street gangs, and the powerful political machines that grew out of them. Cassidy uncovers a secret national heritage, long discounted by our WASP-dominated culture.

Daniel Cassidy is the founder and co-director of the Irish Studies Program at New College in San Francisco. Like this book? Read online this: The story of the Irish race; a popular history of Ireland Vol.1, Irish Homes and Irish Hearts (1867).

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