How They See Us

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A superpower without parallel since the British Empire, the United States is a source of incessant fascination to the rest of the world. How They See Us PDF EBook Absurdly rich, alarmingly volatile, we inspire both fear and envy. Just as our aggressive foreign policy has turned our allies against us, the rise of Barack Obama is now seen as our salvation. 9/11, the world historical event that “changed everything,” has been superseded by 11/4, the date of his election to the presidency of the United States. Through it all, “America” remains a phenomenon, a myth, the wonder of the world.

“Know thyself” is a difficult injunction to follow and often requires the insights of others. To gain some perspective, How They See Us features writers and intellectuals from around the globe. These trenchant essays constitute a primer of international literature, an aid to self- PDFcriticism, and an invitation to celebrate our national virtues. Like this book? Read online this: American Labor and United States Foreign Policy, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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