How to be an alien

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There is an anecdote in this book that I have often thought about. How to be an alien PDF EBook When Mikes was a young man, he worked for a while as a clerk at a lawyer's office in Budapest. One morning, he assisted in a large property transaction. Things were not done electronically in those days, and the seller had come in with a roll of a dozen or so title deeds done up with a rubber band. He took off the rubber band and spread them out on the table, while the buyer carefully read through each one before handing over a check for the equivalent of several million dollars. When they were finished, they shook hands on the deal. The buyer started getting ready to leave, and suddenly asked:

"Could I have the rubber band please? It's a bit hard to keep everything together."

"Of course!" said the seller. "That'll be another ten cents."

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