How to Win the Nobel Prize in Literature

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With humor, wit, and insight, David Carter sets out a number of fail- PDFsafe rules to follow in order to win the Nobel Prize in literature

There are acclaimed writers—James Joyce, Marcel Proust, Tolstoy, Mark Twain—who never won the Nobel Prize, and others, less well known, such as Henryk Sienkiewicz, Paul Heyse, and Romain Rolland, who did. How to Win the Nobel Prize in Literature PDF EBook What exactly does one have to do to impress, or be snubbed by, the Nobel Committee? This book is a fascinating survey of the Nobel Prize for literature, constructed as a tongue-in-cheek series of rules. "Be a man" is one of them, and "Make sure your best work has been translated into Swedish" another. Presenting biographical information as well as extracts from their work, David Carter will try to answer a number of questions about the prize, such as What are the outstanding qualities of the winners' works? Were there any unusual circumstances attending the award? and Who else was considered and rejected and why? Like this book? Read online this: NOBEL PRIZE LIBRARY ECHEGARAY 1904, NOBEL PRIZE LIBRARY SACHS 1966.

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