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In this book Bruce Jones segues his long Hulk run into Peter David's run with a Vs story that retells the first meeting between Thing and Hulk in an early Fantastic Four issue. Hulk/Thing PDF EBook The whole arc is a big fight, well two fights, one in the present and one the two monsters are recalling. Bruce Jones' run on the Hulk was everything super hero comics for grown ups should be, and everything they were becoming until publishers started pushing all these events. Unfortunately this is a shallow and weak effort by comparison. There's hardly a story, the dialogue is stupid, and I hat Jae Li's art. The characters just don't look like themselves. This collection also contains a reprint of a silver age meeting of these two. It's not by Lee & download; Kirby, but it's okay I guess. Like this book? Read online this: She-Hulk #2 (She-Hulk, Vol. 3, #2), She-Hulk, Vol. 5.

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