Hunted (The 39 Clues: Rapid Fire, #3)

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I LOVE THIS! It gives you more insights about the Vespers and how dangerous/worthy opponent for the Cahills. Hunted (The 39 Clues: Rapid Fire, #3) PDF EBook It is a sad thing to know that they're monitoring every move the Cahills make during the Clue Hunt and deciding to whom they should give the privilege to be a Vesper. The candidates were Ted Starling, Jonah Wizard, Hamilton Holt and Ian Kabra.
Ted Starling: This happened during the Franklin Institute where the Starlings are spying on Amy and Dan. Ted used his genius skills that made the watcher impressed.
Jonah Wizard: I must admit, I kind of dislike this. It's personal really, but it is written great! Jonah went to Caracas, Venezuela for he heard from Cora that there was a hidden clue on Bolivar's tomb. The watcher was also impressed. There are also some Spanish involved. Ok, so I hate where Jonah went. Of all places, why does it have to be on Caracas, Venezuela ? It's personal for... Ok, I'll give you hints: Friendship, rejection and the one who did those all to me lives on that place. Thank you.
Hamilton Holt: This happened when the Holts are climbing Mt. Everest. The Holts found tents and bonfires while climbing and without thinking, Eisenhower concluded they were Cahill agents. Ham hesitated and just left. After thinking for a few moments, he retraced his steps but then, suddenly he got lost. It was already night and he saw someone with a flashlight. He followed the man and he got away. Suddenly, turning his back, he saw a male polar bear, ready to devour him. He ran and thought of some ways to escape. He saw some pointed rocks covered with snow and proceeded there. He took advantage of polar bears being inquisitive on foods and left his pack while running away. The watcher was impressed on Ham's speed, agility and smartness and said that he was the smartest of all the Holt family.
Ian Kabra: Ah, this is the most interesting of all and fun to read. Isabel called Ian and Natalie worthless, useless and many more thus, Ian wanted to prove himself he can get all of the 39 Clues. He went to Cambodia, to the Angkor Wat where he heard many rumors that there were a clue hidden in that historical place. No one dared to go near it for it was secured by the Madrigals but Ian was prepared. He went inside and saw 'Madrigals' guiding it. He eventually found a way inside and started searching for the clue. He got inside a room full of 'Madrigals', grabbed one of them and pointed the dart gun he brought to his neck and threatened everyone to give him the clue. One of them stepped forward and said that they were only guardians and there were no clues in Angkor Wat. Ian, in frustration just left, not after shooting some dart guns. The watcher was very pleased and impressed on Ian's performance. She stated that he'll make a great Vesper. Ian was someone who will not let anyone to get on the way and was ready to threaten just to get what he needed. The watcher then typed a report about Ian and sent it.
It hurts me to know that Ian must be the traitor, but still I believe that he wouldn't leave the Cahills no matter what. Besides, that happened during the Clue Hunt and Ian already changed. Like this book? Read online this: Get A Clue, The 39 Clues - Cards.

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