Hurray for Three Kings' Day!

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Three Kings' Day — the sixth of January — is almost here! Anita and her older brothers, Tito and Tomas, walk in the streets the night before, celebrating and singing. Hurray for Three Kings' Day! PDF EBook Carrying gifts and dressed as the Three Kings — Balthazar, Kaspar, and Melchoir — they join the colorful procession in their town and visit neighbors.Spanish- PDFspeaking people all over the world celebrate the joyous Three Kings' Day — also known as the Epiphany or Twelfth Night — every January sixth. Award-winning author Lori Marie Carlson brings the holiday to life in this engaging family story about three children — carrying gifts and dressed as Balthazar, Kaspar, and Melchoir — who go from house to house in their neighborhood and reenact the journey of the Three Wise Men. Glowing oil paintings by Ed Martinez perfectly capture the warmth of this special holiday. Notable Children's Trade Books in the Field of Social Studies 2000, National Council for SS & download; Child. Book Council Like this book? Read online this: Good Kings Bad Kings, War Of Kings.

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