I Am So Strong

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The wolf goes along through the woods boasting about how tough he is, intimidating those who he runs into (a very small rabbit, little red riding hood, the three little pigs, and the seven dwarves. I Am So Strong PDF EBook), and fishing for compliments. I enjoyed this part. He has clever little names for them all, he calls the rabbit "sugar bun," and the three little pigs "little bacon bits."
In the end, he comes across a "little toad of some sort" who replies, to the wolf's chagrin, that his mother is, in fact, the strongest in the woods. The wolf doesn't like that very much, and begins to throw a tantrum, until, the "pathetic little gargoyle's" mother shows up. The wolf is put in his place when he finds out that his "little toad of some sort" is actually a baby dragon.

For reasons unknown, I didn't like this ending. I don't mind the wolf being put in his place, it just felt awkward, and abrupt to me. Like this book? Read online this: Valentine's Wolf (Grey Wolf Pack, #11), A Strong Right Arm.

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