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This new translation and commentary of I Kings by the translator and coauthor of the Anchor Bible Commentary II Kings recounts the early history of the Israelite monarchy. I Kings PDF EBookThe book begins with the death of David, and describes the reign of his successor, Solomon, the building of the first Temple, and the division of the monarchy into the two separate kingdoms of Israel and Judah. The prophetic activity of Elijah, who led the struggle against the worship of foreign Gods in Israel and reminded the Israelites and their king that their loyalty to God would determine their fate, forms a second thread throughout the text. Mordechai Cogan examines these dual themes of history and prophecy in a refreshingly clear and eloquent style, providing authoritative commentary on the major aspects of this epic book of the Hebrew Bible. Like this book? Read online this: Commentary on Colossians and Philemon (Commentary on the New Testament Book #12), Kings.

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