If Ever

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I have a few mixed feelings for this free story. If Ever PDF EBook The writing was good. The concept was good, but the execution… was lacking.

After Lacey lost sixty pounds she feels like she is born again. She becomes more comfortable in her skin and wants to flaunt to the world what she has. But her eyes are also set on one guy in particular. Justin has been her school mate, friend and coworker over the past fifteen years and doesn’t seem to have an interest in Lacey. When in high school, Lacey caught Justin with one of his classmates and followed them to the drama room. She watched them the entire time they made love and Lacey couldn’t take her eyes off them. She wanted Justin after that but she knew that would never happen since she was an overweight girl. To get her self- PDFesteem up she decides to join a strip club. Lacey and her friend went for the fun of it but when she got offered a job she accepted. I wished that her first day went differently. I wish that she realized that she didn’t have to get naked to feel appreciated but that didn’t happen. There was just something that didn’t fit well with me.

The author did a great job at writing the erotic scenes but there was something lacking. I would definitely read something else from this author, just not this story. I don’t really recommend it. Sorry.
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