If Grace Is True (Grace Series, #1)

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There are certainly parts of this book that are incredibly difficult to swallow or stomach, especially the parts about thedeath of Jesus. If Grace Is True (Grace Series, #1) PDF EBook

The authors do a good job of answering dissenting questions that popped into my head as I read, but I'm not completely convinced of every point in their theology. Salvation for all is a concept I've been wrestling with for awhile now, and while this helps me to concur with the authors on many points, I will have to be content to only hope this is true and not know for certain. Whether it is a belief or only a wish that God's grace is big enough for the entire world and not limited to one group or another, after reading this book I want to act towards others as though it is a certainty.

I would recommend If Grace is True to almost everyone who believes they have all the answers. It's never a bad idea to come at something from another angle and see if it still looks the same... Like this book? Read online this: Writing Tips From Authors - And how they became published authors, Saving Grace (New Heights Series, #2).

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